Emily Paget, upcoming author of The Weight of Missing

“Jo is an exceptional editor. Her attention to detail, understanding of language and efficacy in proofing is outstanding. She is quick, offers helpful advice and has a wealth of knowledge about publishing. I can’t recommend her services enough.”

Cailin Hargreaves, author of The Life of a Wildflower

“The service I received from Jo was outstanding. She was very professional and detailed in her editing. She was able to inform me further on publishing and offered valuable insight into the entire process. She has helped to increase the quality and authenticity of my work. I couldn’t ask for more from an editor.”

Ally Ricaud, author of Akashic Records; Chapters of Love

“I cannot give Jo Sexton’s editing and proofreading service a high enough recommendation; simply put, I am loving the experience.
Honestly, I was somewhat overwhelmed with the process of starting to publish a book. I had a lot written but, frankly, I was a mess, and I certainly wasn’t confident regarding my punctuation. I found this editing service to be very professional but also very kind, patient, and extremely helpful. Not only was I given insight into the process of copyediting and the steps I should expect from the service, but also what is required of me to make the process quick and easy. The initial conversation made me realise that I’ve been overthinking the whole process and my mind was put at ease.
The Track Changes function in Microsoft Word is fantastic beyond belief and speeded things along nicely. Jo’s editing style is amazing in every way because she strives to respect the essence of one’s style of writing and, instead of imprinting a Webster’s dictionary impression of corrections, she catches the waves of each individuals style and adds to it to make it flow more effortlessly. I can honestly say all of her edits were welcomed with a smile. I trusted her input, which I feel is extremely vital to the teamwork it takes to cross that finish line to publication. Jo has a very sharp eye for every single mistake made, no matter how big or small, and isn’t judgemental regarding how many mistakes there are or what the content is. She is very friendly and her easygoing nature is somewhat contagious.
Most importantly, above all, as a fellow writer, she doesn’t just provide purely logical fixes to creative problems. As a creative, she finds a way to make things work or provides an awesome fix around things in a very skilful way. She is extremely professional and open to all genres of writing, and provides very honest and helpful feedback. All of those things gave me more confidence and pushed me harder, and the whole process was somewhat motivating. I can honestly say that, without her inspiring input, my poetry book would still be a twinkle in my eye. Instead, it will hopefully be published later this year, thanks to Jo’s editing skills and support. I will be undoubtedly be using her service again.
Thank you, Jo Sexton! I’ll be back like the terminator for the sake of my future books.”