Submissions Now Open For New Anthology


Many of us love to daydream, and create worlds within our minds that we meander through from time-to-time. But has there ever been a time when your greatest wish has been within reach, only to be cruelly snatched away? Or have you dreamt of something so intensely, and craved it so much, only to be disappointed by the outcome?

Our first ever anthology will showcase the beauty of daydreams, but also the tragedy of wishes that are lost. We would like to see poetry and prose about your favourite reveries or fantasies, but also about the darker side, when all that you hoped for failed to transpire.

If you would like to submit your poetry or prose for consideration, please refer to the submission guidelines below.

✨ We are looking for submissions from writers and poets of any level, and will accept a maximum of 3 pieces per person.

✨ There will be no set word count, although please ensure that you submit poetry and prose ONLY. Two-line micropoems or short stories will not be accepted.

✨ Please submit your piece as a Microsoft Word attachment ONLY. We will not reply to emails until we are ready to send out confirmations or rejections – therefore, please ensure your submission follows our guidelines from the off, or it will be disregarded.

✨ Please ensure that your piece is well-written with correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Although the anthology will be edited prior to publication, we will not make any major changes to submitted pieces. We will not include poorly written pieces in the anthology. If you would like to make corrections of your own, please resubmit your piece promptly and state clearly in the email that you have done so.

✨ Please ensure that your piece does not contain hate speech or discrimination of any kind.

✨ Please submit only ONE piece per email.

✨ Include your full name (as you would like it to be displayed in the anthology) along with a short bio of no more than 170 words, written in the third person. THIS INFORMATION SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN YOUR MICROSOFT WORD ATTACHMENT. As an added extra, please feel free to include links to your websites or social media.

✨ Your submitted pieces should not have been published elsewhere, apart from on personal social media or in your own self-published book.

The above guidelines are essential, and must be followed to ensure that your piece will be considered for inclusion. We do not have the time to reply to every email, detailing where you went wrong and asking you to re-send, so please take your time to ensure everything is correct before you submit to

Poetic Reveries is a page I co-admin on Instagram and also on Facebook. We are a community page who are dedicated to showcasing poets and writers on Instagram and Facebook through daily features, poetry contests, an online magazine, and now a planned anthology. Submissions for both the magazine and anthology are very welcome.

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