Book Reviews

Reviews for Her Undisclosed Desires:

This is such a great, sensual read! The poems are concise and beautifully worded. I love how they express a deep desire for love and intimacy – which we all can relate to. Love it!

Olivia Bella

This collection of poetry just keeps you turning the pages, it’s true to life, too hot to handle, and poignant in some verses. Covering female, male and couples perspectives it shows modern day people in the modern world who enjoy each other, not just on a physical level but on a deep emotional level. Highly recommend this collection.

love to read

This is definitely the hottest book I have read in years! I usually don’t find myself reading erotic or romantic poetry, but this one was absolutely worth delving into! 🔥 The writing style is soul dripping. Laced with so much passion. I recommend this to anybody that appreciates some sexy. In fact, this is a MUST have if you’re looking for something skin-deep.

S.A. Quinox Author

Amazing book, highly recommend it. So happy it got published, as their Instagram page is my favorite. Would’ve loved to see more pages with photos, but overall the poems are fantastic, deep and detailed.

Yana Marfei

When I decided to read this book, I wasn’t certain how explicitly erotic it would be. What I found was a collection of poetry that was a delight to read. The author utilized emotional and sensual imagery to relate her deepest thoughts. I found this more powerful and intense than poetry about body parts or sexual acts.


J. Sexton weaves her words with sensuality, eroticism, and power, all while tapping into the undisclosed deep desire for a committed, passionate relationship. The book is separated into three sections, “Him, Her, Them,” offering varied perspectives. Overall, her poetry collection is an intimate peek into what it is to love fully with fire and soul.

Tommy Crosby

Reviews for Small Stories:

This collection of poems is a profound look at a woman used, scared and rejected by love but still manages to hold out for the real thing, she still has hope that it will all be alright in the end. Each short collection gives deep, sometimes heart-wrenching insight into the trauma of failed relationships and the mess left behind. Emotionally moving to read. Highly recommend.

love to read

A collection of (semi-autobiographical) short stories and poetry that deals with the sadness surrounding failed love, the hurt of rejection and betrayal, exploring the healing process and learning to live and love again. In particular, it deals with how the author copes with such deep feelings. Perhaps it’s the author’s cathartic process that is being explored. It reads as if it is from the heart. It’s probably a book to read over a period of time, as the emotions it portrays can be quite overwhelming if read quickly. However, somewhere amongst all these poems and stories are feelings that we can relate to, at some points in our lives, we have had the same experiences.

S Saywack

This, Sexton’s second collection of poetry and prose, has a rawness and beauty that leaves the heart aching. She takes us on a journey though pain and loss that is both moving and deeply relatable yet there is an underlying strength and determination running throughout. This is a cathartic and empowering read from a very talented writer.

Emily Paget

Wow. This short book of stories was just…wow. it’s full of heart and so much meaning. Anyone who’s been hurt by someone will relate. There’s a part in this book that sticks out. It’s about a puzzle piece. And it’s true. No matter how you try to fit a puzzle in place that doesn’t belong there, it will not fit. Sometimes in life, you need to toss out that puzzle and allow yourself to move on and find a new one.

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