Dark poetry, erotica, and a touch of medieval romancewelcome to my page.

My name is Jo and you have entered my world of writing. Please take your time as you meander through the words on these pages, and above all, enjoy yourselves.

  • Homeless Ghost
    ~ I am an ethereal nomad, a homeless ghost, and deep within my heart is where I need salvation the most, yet I go unnoticed, with nobody left to haunt, my ribcage a barren landscape, my features pale and gaunt, […]
  • Laden
    ~ My soul is laden with the sins I’ve suffered before, and my scars are still weeping, red-rimmed and raw ~ my back bends and buckles beneath the weight of your lies, but I cling to the redemption in our […]

My Books

Her Undisclosed Desires

Her Undisclosed Desires is a collection of sensual and erotic poetry and prose for those with guilty pleasures and a craving for a passionate, intense kind of love.

Small Stories

A beautiful collection of poetry and prose, written from the heart and based on events experienced in the authors life. J. Sexton’s poetry is infused with melancholy and nostalgia, and her essays are raw and real with an innate understanding of the darker side of life. She touches on depression, sadness, betrayal, and heartbreak, infused with a subtle blend of hope and courage. J. Sexton writes with knowledge and empathy, and also with a surety that there is little that cannot be overcome by the power of our thoughts.