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I am a reverie

of unspoken desires

and almost-forgotten dreams;

I hold them

within me,

cupped into the

space between

who I am

and who I was;

I can’t convince you

that I am

to be taken seriously,

for only you

can decide,

and I know that

I’m not for everyone;

I’m an acquired taste,

a cup of tea

that is often

too hot

or ice-cold—

I cannot promise that

I will be

any one thing

on any given day,

but I will

be me.


j.sexton ✨

3 thoughts on “Reverie

  1. Beautiful,
    …… You have left A fingerprint behind, or footprint, yet Always remember wherever you have walked someone else has already trodden-whatever your fingers have touched another’s fingers have also make your mark on this planet one to last more than your legacy *** thank you I’ll will think again of your writings👏

  2. The more I think
    the more I wonder
    The more I understand
    The more I ponder
    The more love I show
    The more darkness will grow
    Only you can save your soul

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