Fan Fiction Writing

Image: Steve Harvey via Unsplash

Yes, I write fan fiction! I’m not ashamed to admit it – it is writing, so why would I be ashamed?

I’ve written two full-length novels off the back of my adoration for a particular show, and three short stories. Granted, they are only on Wattpad and FanFiction.Net, but I have friends who have been inspired enough to self-publish – Charlotte Hawkins, J.C. Plummer, and Olivia Longueville, to name a few. Check them out on Amazon.

There is a lot of scorn and derision aimed at fan fiction, which I find unnecessary and snobbish. The very act of writing about something I love really inspires me. I am incredibly proud of my novel writing, because that’s what it is! Fan fiction it may be, but it is still creative writing, and using characters from a show I love and involving them in an original storyline with original characters has really opened up different avenues of creativity that I never thought existed.

I will be sharing my fan fiction here, purely because this is a website to showcase my writing, and I am proud of the fact that I wrote two novels in the space of eight months.

There is, in all honesty, some amazing fan fiction out there, and I would strongly urge you to check it out. There is also a lot of dross, but if people are brave enough to share their creative efforts with the world, who are you or I to judge them?

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