Welcome to my website! My name is Jo and I have been writing for around 40 years. As a child, I was adamant that I wanted to be a published author, and was constantly in the process of writing a story about horses, which were my passion at the time. However, I never got around to finishing anything.

Around eight years ago, I decided to bite the bullet and publish my writing online for public consumption. This was a first for me, as I have always suffered from a lack of self-confidence. Up until this point, I had never allowed anybody to read my creative writing outside of school, and it was with much apprehension that I began writing poetry for my Facebook page, and content for my blog.

Eight years on, I publish poetry on a number of different platforms, ranging from sensual poetry to the deep and emotional; words from the heart. I write from experience, and about life itself; about secret desires and past traumas.

However, my ambition was never to write poetry, and I still fan the flames of my ambition to be a fiction author. In 2020, during lockdown, I began watching a certain TV show based on a legend I adore, and I developed a love for the adaptation. I eventually met like-minded people on Facebook, and discovered the world of fan fiction.

There is a lot of scorn and derision aimed at fan fiction, which I find unnecessary and snobbish. The very act of writing about something I love inspired me, and I have since published two full-length novels and three short stories on Wattpad. I am currently partway through two further full-length novels, and do you know what? I am incredibly proud of my writing, because that’s what it is! Fan fiction it may be, but it is still creative writing, and using characters from a show I love and involving them in an original storyline with original characters has really opened up different avenues of creativity that I never thought existed. Therefore, I will be posting my fan fiction here, too.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my writing.